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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  September 1, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> now, sending a message against violence in oakland and
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the city's mayor says she has the answer to keep kids out of trouble. >> a san jose church gutted be fire fines faith amid the roundtable and remembers a firefighter in the hospital. and construction work that has the dumbarton bridge closed this [shouting] >> alan: oakland residents attempting to take back their streets in response to the constant crime plaguing their neighbors, fedup residents, church members and city leaders marched for peace today. lisa amin gulezian is live in east oakland with more on that. lisa? >> lisa: the march and rally ended here just a little while ago. people prayed and re-affirmed their commitment to making oakland a safer place to live.
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>> take back the streets. got to take back our communities. >> lisa: they marched 100 strong down international boulevard, demanding change come to oakland. pastors from several oakland churches are leading the march because right now oak lean is struggling. last night four people were shot during three different incidents. one was in this kentucky fried chicken parking lot on mcarthur boulevard. last week ten more people were shot, including three children. >> no one wants this to happen to their children. >> lisa: she is matching just for her children but for all of oakland's children. >> our youth, i don't know what's wrong. so you know what? you have nothing else, you do have to pray. ♪ >> lisa: they sang, prayed and talk about the city's real problems and real solutions.
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>> what i really think is african-american males need to step up and take their behinds out there and get their kids and pull them off the street and don't be afraid of their kids. >> march organizers are holding city leaders accountable, asking for more youth problems and a partnership with law enforcement. >> we want to know what to do so we can make it happen. >> i've been going to churches to ask them to join and adopt these young people in the programs we're starting next week. >> cease fire is a guidance program for teens who have been incarcerated, but for some young people in oakland, there's only one solution. >> why do you think? >> because i didn't like the violence that was in this city here. >> lisa: and event organizers say they're trying to bring pride back to oakland residents. they'll have plenty more marches
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this summer as well as having an oakland cleanup day, and that means the volunteers go out and pick up trash on international boulevard. live in oakland, lisa amin gulezian, cloons. >> alan: members of a church are gathering for a mass. frank ryan was helping fight a fire when he suffered a massive heart attack. he is hospitalized in critical but stable condition. he has a large, loving family and his family of firefighters is staying with him around the clock. is three sisters and six brothers release it a staple sake frank is progressingsing in a positive way. we're taking it one day at a time. >> members of st. pat terrific cathedral are drying their own loss. it could take months to rebuild the historic church which has a congregation of 16,000. today's mass is being held at the church's gym, corrosion coast
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contra costa county fire department is trying to figure out how a two-large fire started. it was under control 50 minutes. the red cross had to find housing for two people. there are no reports of injuries there. the dumbarton bridge is closed this weekend but caltrans says it's still on track to be reopened by tuesday. the bridge is undergoing a major seismic retrofit over the labor day weekend. this is video provided by caltrans showing the construction going on today. crews are replacing the expansion joints on the eastern side of the bridge across all six lanes of traffic. the closure began late friday and the dump -- dumbarton bedroom is expected to open on tuesday just in time for the rush hour. no rest for construction workers in san francisco. construction work forced the closure of fremont street.
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it will remain closed until tuesday morning. crews are excavating the underground rail level of the new transit center and installing a temporary bridge to help keep traffic moving while they dig. our exclusive app can help you navigate around the detours. it's at the amp app store at abc-7 slash waves. >> you may notice more patrol cars out on the road this holiday weekend as part of a statewide crackdown on drunk and dangerous drivers. during the long labor day weekend you'll see sobriety check points in several peninsula cities as well as san francisco and san jose among other cities. in san francisco, the crackdown ban on august 17th. officers made 85 drunk driving arrests as o of last thursday. that's down from last year. dui arrests in san mateo ongoing are down. >> today the cal bears lost to
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nevada in their newly rennovated football stadium, but -- [drumming] but before the game got underway the cal marching band hit the new field for the first time. uc berkeley officials were bursting with pride during the rib afternoon cutting ceremony but the seismic retrofit and renovation is not without controversy. uc berkeley is denying reports it's using student fees to pay for the project. fans we spoke with seemed more focused on the excitement for the day. >> love the n new stadium. most excited to see the field. the players keep saying how great the field is so i'm expecting a lot of cal bear action today that's going to show the world what we can do this season. >> alan: abc-7 news mike shumann will have highlights in a few minutes. the bay area grocery store,
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me pueblo is varying employment opportunities. a latino supermarket chain a noinsd it's using the everify program that checks records from the department of homeland security and the social security administration to verify that a prospective employee can legally work in the u.s. the program is voluntary for businesses in california. but me pueblo says it decided to use the program at the recommendation of the department of homeland security. they have 22 locations across the bay area. control plans to spay part office mountain view've where mosquitoes tested positive for west nile vie result fogging expected to begin on tuesday and should take several hours. officials say some adult mosquitoes collected in the 9404 zip code tested positive. information will debe distributed to residents in the treatment area today and tomorrow. it's the weekend in between the republican and democratic
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conventions and today both candidates are gearing up for the home stretch to the election. mitt romney started hit day in ohio. he addressed the nation's budget at a campaign rally in cincinnati. >> finally have to do something that republicans have spoken about for a long time and for a while we didn't do it. when we had the lead, we let people down. we need to make sure we don't let them down this time. i will cut the deficit get us on track to a balanced budget. >> in ohio, president obama began his final week of campaigning before the convention by taking a swing at romney's proposals. >> they won't create jobs, they won't cut our deficit. they will not a strengthen our middle class. they are not a plan to move our country forward. >> alan: and in charlotte, north carolina, protesters are already warming up for the planned demonstrations next week outside the democratic national convention. police are cracking down on drunk driver ifs as bars in the area prepare for the dnc
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celebrations. >> and abc-7 news political reporter mark matthews will be live next week from the democratic national convention in charlotte. you can get instant updates from mark all week long by following him on our facebook page, mark is also tweeting at matthews abc-7. >> now you can enjoy one of the prets favorite brews. coming up, once brood only inside the white house, now you can make it at home. the obama administration has released its home made beer recipe. and isaac washes up a piece of history. the story behind this mysterious ship. >> leigh: i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. looks like the second half of our holiday weekend we're going to see some more. the forecast
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>> alan: the rem manneds of hurricane isaac are causing trouble in the midwest, and in new orleans the officials say the destruction is being downplayed. here's the latest. reporter: even as a ghost of its former self, hurricane ice sang is haunting the gulf coast. >> cleaning up branches and waiting for the power to come back on basically. >> this is more than an inconvenience. it continues to be dangerous for everybody. >> hundreds of thousands are without electricity in the sweltering southern summer. >> i have a generator now. it's still miserable. >> now we need the things that of not going to spoil.
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>> you can still eat in this restaurant, though it might be by candlelight. >> we don't have power since tuesday night so we -- >> thousands are stranded in shelters, wondering when they vl see their homes again. >> we evacuated monday and it's been hard on us. >> one day at a time. that's it. reporter: for others, home is just a memory. >> some people -- >> isaac shut down gulf coast refineries. spiking gas prices. the refineries should be back in business next week. in and louisiana, advice scene after flood water unearthed caskets in a graveyard. the remnants of isaac are heading north, bringing heavy rain to the midwest where many residents will spend the labor day weekend manning sand bags.
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>> alan: the pounding surf that hit the coast has directed up the old bones of a ship off the coast of alabama. over the years the hurricanes have uncovered the ship but historians never identified it. many believe it was a civil war eraship but the alabama historical commission thinks it's the rachel, a schooner. >> i saw it on facebook and my girlfriend said we're going here, and i was prized this where is we were coming, and i was like, oh, this is really real. on facebook not everything you see is true. >> the historical commission says the ship met it fate in 1930 while carrying a lot of timber. the welcomage washed ashore on private property and now it's unclear who has jurisdiction over it. >> the u.s. coast guard cutter is back in its home port after being deployed since march. these are pictures from the hd roof cam as the u.s. coast guard
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cutter cruised by the station along the embarcadero and arrives in al lead da this morning. it had a 161 day, 38,000-mile deployment in the western pacific and southeast asia where it conducted operations with u.s. naval forces. the cutter is name for the coast 0's longest serving commandant. >> it's labor day weekend and that means celebrating art and wine in millbrae. ♪ >> alan: music is part of the fun as well with nine bands performing and 250 artists and craftsmaker displaying their skills. event organizers expect 100,000 people will attend the event that runs today and tomorrow, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. this is the 42nd annual millbrae art and wine festival, considered by some to be the last blast of the summer. the event includes a classic car show as well as a microbrew
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testing tent. >> attention home brewer. now you can enjoy one of the president's favorite adult beverages. >> the president, inspired by brew masters brewing in their homes all over the country-wanted to try this out. >> ran. >> alan: ale to the chief. the obama administration is releasing its home made beer recipe online. the white house head chev chef is shearing his secrets. both beers are made using honey harvested from the white house beehives. if you want to brew your own white house beer we have a link on the web site. search for "ale to the chief." >> tough time, even have to make your own beer. >> leigh: a great's -- a great recipe. we were socked in yesmed check out the shot from the sutro cam
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showing you the blue sky overhead. a little fog right here starting to move into the tower ground and -- for ground and we'll see a little fog overnight but at least the earl early evening hours,land will be clear. the live doppler 7hd has an eye on the bay area right now. you can see the fog sitting right near the coast. taking in a little bit closer, point reyes right now seeing the fog and it's just kind of skirt thing marin headlands, and going a little bit closer, golden gate bridge, you see a little bit of the fog starting to walk in. some starting to move in. we saw that from the suit crow -- sutro cam. so it will start to might grate back in near the coast. also, the bay, the peninsula overnight tonight, but it might not be as strong as last night to head out towards the delta. current readings, antioch right now, 77. 77 in livermore. 62 in san francisco.
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half moon bay, overcast, 57. mountain view, 68. 73 in san jose. sunshine. in the north bay, san rafael, 64. 69 right now in napa. here is a look at our highlights. the clouds will move near the coast and the bayover night. get ready for more sunshine for your sunday afternoon. temperatures will come up so expect mild conditions and then for monday, that's when all locations will start to warm up. overnight temperatures tonight, generally wide-spread, in the 50s. remember the fog moves in, but out towards the delta area and the east bay, we're going to keep it clear tonight. concord getting down to 55. 54 for san francisco. a bit on the chilly side as you head stream north bay locations, palo alto tonight getting down to 54 degrees. so, here is the setup. you're taking a look at the
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water vapor imagery. we have cutoff low on the coastline, the counterclockwise spin has been bringing us a cooler air mass and also more low clouds and fog. it looks like on the forecast animation this is going to start to lift a little to the north. and to the east. there we go by tomorrow morning. it moves on out and that will allow a bit of high pressure to move in. a fair weathermaker, so for our sunday and holiday on monday, we look for temperatures to warm up, especially inland locations, and the n the past couple of die, only been in the 70s. you'll return into the 90s sunday and monday. it would not be labor day without the sausolito art festival. tomorrow it will be low clouds in the morning. temperatures in the 50s. by lunchtime, though, sunny, skies will appear, mild temperatures warming into the mid-60s to upper 60s. by 4:00, we'll look for those to
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kick in. temperatures will come down and by 7:00 we'll look for temperatures to start to cool off a bit. here's a look at the highs for your sunday. a little warmer, 80 for san jose. 80, sayre together a -- saratoga, the peaches, 60s. men low park, 73. san francisco, downtown tomorrow, 67. south city, 70. north buy, 80 for novato and napa. 79 for petaluma. east bay, oakland, 72. hercules, 74. and the further east you go, the warmers start to warm up. concord, 85. 95, brentwood. 88 for antioch, and santa cruz warms to 77. look toing at the seven-day forecast. labor day, inland temperatures start to heat up. mid-90s. 80s around the bay. 60s at the coast and then temperatures start to trend down ward as the low clouds and
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fog return to the coast. >> alan: great football weather. cal has a new stadium. but? >> mike: same old bears. i shouldn't say that. cal bears started off the 2012 season without their starting quarterback. shaq maynard was held it. but the bears in a 14-0 hole.
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>> mike: the cal bears return to the rennovated memorial stadium after a year of playing at at&t to host nevada. but starting quarterback zack
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maynard was benched for missing a tutorial session and the bears offense suffered. he was replace bed alan bridgeford, and that's a pretty big moment. cals in a hole. maynard came back with 37-yard, the true freshman. down 1. reverse to allen. watch this textbook blocking and not a bad run either. he's a player. 21-14 nevada. cal fought back, tied it at 24. but 36 seconds left, jefferson pounds it from two yards out. wolf pack up seven. the kickup, the try the lateral but they were offsides and had to rekick. last chance for cal. welcome to college football. fumbles the ball and nevada, a huge upset, 31-24 your final. a new era at beaver stadium,
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and the nittany lionses moving the ball early on. penn state 14-3 at the half. nittany lionses let this one slip through their hand literally. smith goes all the way back, 43-yard score, and ohio is on top 17-14. just under 3:00 to go. ohio finds post e back of the end zone. fiveword touchdown, and ohio upsets penn state 24-14. that final. >> notre dame and navy playing in dublin, first college game in ire lend since 1996. all notre dame. atkinson, son of the tomorrower raider george, scampers 57 yards for the score. still in the first, notre dame hammers navy, 50-10. join us tonight for "after
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the game" following the alabama michigan matchup. here beil and yours truly will break down the bay area and the entire nation on the opening weekend of college football. >> giants trying to keep space between themselves and the dodgers in the national league west and a former cal bear, expaif 'er --
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>> mike: the giants trying to run away from the dodgers in the national league west, holding off the cubs to take a lead over l.a. anytime you walk into wrigley field there's harry carey, nady, rips a bases loaded three rbi triple. 4-0 giants in the first. dejesus is the only cub to show up. in the fifth, posey chops to right. the sliding catch. backhand catch. these guys are good but not good enough today. tim lincecum, 6-1/3 innings, six hits, two runs, four strikeouts, getting rizzo in the seventh. giants win. five up on the dodgers who play tonight. stay tuned. pga staging their fedex playoff. deutsche bank, tiger, birdie
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attempt. after his lowe's opening round in three years, yet, tiger two shots off the lead. united states united louis oostn hinds himself in second place. eagle. a stroke back at 11-under. but all chasing this guy, rory mcilroy. drops the birdie on 12. gets to 7-under. then after a magnificent approach, mcilroy drains the eagle on 18. shot a 6-under 65 for the second day in a row. holds a one-shot lead going into sunday's third round ione 'of my favorite head coaches don nelson is getting his due. he will be inducted into the hall of fame. >> it's a great way to cap it off, isn't it in it's incredible. i was very happy the way it ended up. everything was wonderful and to get the phone call i made the hall of fame, what a great day.
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>> you can see more on "after the game" or the entire interview on our web site. >> u.s. open highlights later in thecast, before we kick off the college football season with alabama and michigan. >> cal lost to nevada, some saying it could be the coach's last year? >> you have to give him credit. he created the prom program which build the stadium and built the facility so you should gave him two years so he can recruit the stadium. he has been recruiting without the stadium, and they'll be calling for it but i think he should serve two nor years. >> alan: the freshman better step up. coming up, a florida girl is going down in the record books this weekend. the first female varsity quarterback in florida. >> out here to prove myself. >> alan: a look how she did in heir first game. that's coming up. also, the men who want to be president want to help your kids
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to college. their differing approaches to the rising cost of college. >> the top universities in the country may just be right here in california. find out which ones give you the biggest bang for
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>> president obama and
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republican presidential nominee mitt romney are trying to woo young voters, with different approaches, like the cost of college. obama told the crowd there are still more young people to send to college. mr. obama wants to make $2,500 tax credits for college expenses permanent, and expand pehl grants for students from lower arch families. today romney was in ohio. hi budget plan includes turning tuition increases he blames on the obama administration. the republican challenger contends the flood of federal dollars are encouraging tuition increases. >> a new survey out lists nine different universities in california as among the best in the nation. the ranking comes despite severe budget cuts and tuition hikes at many state universities. michael finny shows us which universities in california came out on top. >> this has become a common
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scene in california. students protesting tuition hikes and budget cuts at uc regent meetings. [shouting] >> students have also been taking their displeasure to sacramento. a new survey out from washington monthly mag contains some much-needed good news for california universities. the magazine singled out nine california schools for overall excellence or providing great value to its students. >> it's astonishing, though, uc system has taken a hit financially and have had to raise tuitions, still and all they're a very good buy. >> the publication prides itself on taking a hard look at public institutions to make them better. they ranked uc san diego as the number one university in the country. stanford came in number three. uc berkeley? number five. followed by ucla at number six and uc riverside at number 9.
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uc santa bash brace 14th 14th best. uv davis, 17th. the was monthly uses criteria that different from the mush publicized u.s. news and world report college rankings. >> most of the top u.s. news schools, like yale and princeton and dartmouth, don't do well in our rankings, bought the uc schools do terrific which i well. >> washington month's criteria emphasized schools which it felt did a better job promoting the public good. schools were ranked for social mobility, graduating students from underprivileged families, universities that emphasize research and economic growth, and campuses where student and faculty gave back to the community ranked higher. >> shows schools that are good for the country rather than necessarily good for the lucky few who get into them. >> two state universities also received recognition.
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cal state fresno and san diego state university were recognized in the best bang for the buck category. both were singled out for the high graduation rate among ethnic minorities. >> u.s. news and world reports says its survey measures academic quality which they consider a key factor in choosing a university. i have a link to the article out our web site, >> alan: today's season opener at penn state marked a new chapter in penn state football. the team's first time opening a season without former head coach joe paterno. he was fired after administration officials said he did not do enough in the wake of the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. he died two months after his firing. in july ncaa ruled that pec state muck vacate all wins dating back to 1998 because of the controversy. >> i didn't -- other than the fact it was my first football
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game as a head coach, i didn't sense anything different about today. i thought it was great atmosphere in the stands, and beaver stadium. >> penn state lost to ohio today. mike shumann will have those game highlights ahead in sports. this football season history is being made at a high school in florida. for the first time ever a female is taking to the field as a varsity quark, -- quarterback, breaking another gender barrier in sports. reporter: with a snap and handoff, the gridiron feeling was shattered. ian erin is the first female in high school football history to play agent -- play as quarterback. >> i also wanted to play football when i was a kid but they said it was too rough for me. >> the senior was drafted to play by doug gatewood, who coached her in flag football and saw her potential.
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>> he asked me to throw the ball. i stuck with it. >> are in friday night lights and in front of a packed crowd, he team was down by now points at halftime. >> they came to play and we did. >> but erin did come to play, and as she marched on the field with 1:40 left in the fourth quarter, the crowd cheered her on as she made history. but none cheering harder than her parents. >> my heart started racing so excited for her and for all this attention here today, and she has these abilities and i know she can do this. i wanted thor be able to prove it. >> the team kicker has said she head been more than welcomed on to the team. >> just the same as having a guy on the team, but she is a hard worker, i got say that. >> she is focused on football, not fame. >> i don't have anything to say. i'm out here to prove myself. >> the newly minted quarterback helped to close out the team's
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41-14 victory. >> alan: the third string court for south plantation high school. she wears number 13 as a tribute to dan marine know and her parents met him am a miami doll begins game. >> apple sued samsung and won. now it wants even more in its international patents dispute. and someone has a problem with punching -- pumpkins. the destruct that neighbors can't understand. and taking a live look outside, warmer temperatures are headed our way
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>> alan: samsung says it will fight to keep its products on u.s. shelves. they're accusing apple of trying to limit consumer choice. last month a jury in san jose found samsung copied apples did he sign innovations and apple is
4:45 pm
asking a federal court to ad four mother of its rival products including the galaxy s3 smart phone. samsung says it will take necessary legal measures to make sure its products are available for american consumers. in just about two weeks apple is expected to announce the next iphone, and already the rumors are flying. jonathan bloom has a look. >> photos have started appearing like this one from the blog, showing bits and pieces of what could apple's next iphone. these are usually leaked photos from overseas. >> they get this from suppliers in asia that are building parts. >> this photo shows the next iphone will have a bigger screen, like newer android and windows phones. >> apple has to increase the screen size. >> not everyone likes bigger phones. >> the extra week causes me pain. >> the scene at photo shows one thing that might be getting
4:46 pm
smaller, the dot connector. >> you have that 30-pin connect you're, it's in the ipad and oiphone, going to a smaller connector which means all the cable outside have now wouldn't work. >> he says one reason to shrink the connector is to squeeze in extra hardway, possibly a communication chip that will make your phone act like a wallettor, you touch your phone to a reader next the cash register and it deducts money from your account. >> if you think your old iphone is fine you can get some of the new features in the form of a software update. apple is saying goodbye to google maps. >> this is a huge change. the first time apple has the search. >> the ceo of map company wave gave is a sneak preview of wave maps. it's one of the companies who provided app datey for the new app which will have big shoes to
4:47 pm
filled. >> google maps has expectations in terms of quality and color and searching. we're not experienced for searching for something on google map and not finding it. >> they will predict traffic jams, some wave has done. in palo alto, jonathan bloom, abc-7 news. >> alan: in southern california, police searching for the vrabels who -- vandals who destroyed a pumpkin patch belonging to a little old lady from pasadena. memay powell says the large pumpkins in her large are usually the talk of the town but she was howeverred to find her prized pumpkins in pieces. she wanted to enter her 300-pounder at the mania contest next month. it's the biggest one she has ever growngrown but she had to lit go of the green when -- dream when she saw it in pieces. >> i loved all my pumpkins, and they were very pretty.
4:48 pm
how can somebody be so destructive? >> alan: she says the incident won't keep her from growing a pump kick patch next year but she may move it to her backyard, she is offering a 1,000 decide reward for any information about the vandalism. it's hard to believe but pumpkin growing contests are just around the corner. >> leigh: certainly is, and todaymarking the first day -- check in one more time with live doppler 7hd, we have clear skies across much of the bay area right now but you can see the wall of fog and low clouds off the coast and that will venture inland overnight. if you're traveling to southern california tomorrow for the holiday, 89 degrees expected there. 107 palm springs. and some fog will keep temperatures near the central coast, big sur into the mid-to-low 50s tomorrow. we heat things up. sacramento, 91, and very pleasant for tahoe tomorrow, 76. here's a look at the numbers.
4:49 pm
we'll come up slightly tomorrow. a bigger climb in temperatures heading into the holiday monday. san jose, 83. 75 for palo alto. san francisco, afternoon sunshine, 6. check out santa rosa, 82. napa, 80. interior east bay will start to warm up nicely. antioch, 88 tomorrow. 86 for livermore. 72, oakland, and santa cruz, a little clouds tomorrow morning, followed by plenty of afternoon sunshine. 77-degreesdegrees there, monter, and hollister, gilroy, even morgan hill, warming into the 80s. here's a look at my accuweather seven-day forecast. ament warmer on sunday, and then for our labor day we all will start to warm up. warm to mild temperatures, mid-90s inland, 80s around the bay. 60s at the coast. mild to warm again on tuesday, and then the coastal clouds will start to move in on wednesday and thursday, and notice temperatures slowly starting to come down. a great day tomorrow. >> alan: with labor day weekend
4:50 pm
kicking into high gear, beach goers in cape cod, massachusetts, are thinking twice about the free freshing body surf. a shark scare is heating up, forcing many beaches to close. here's us how swimmers are on alert and close to sure. >> oh, my god. >> it scenes like this, this youtube video of a great white shrk punching on -- shark munching on a seal that has beach officials kicking swimmers out of the water. >> the youtube video recall -- validated concerns. sharkness the 'er. >> thursday, seven grate white sitings in the same day on the atlantic facing shore. this photo shows state marine officials moving in to tag one of two 14-16-foot long sharks spotted in the shallow waters. among a 15-mile stretch of the
4:51 pm
cape cod shoreline, swimming on this unofficial final weekend of summer has been banned indefinitely. >> they were definitely very close, and like i said we just keep everybody safe and keep peep out of the water. >> peter and his family were boating off cape cod just last week when they captured this video of one very large great white in a feeding frenzy. >> some of my passengers might have been a little overe overwhelmed. this fish is big and got close to the boat. >> marine life expert says the sharks are venturing so close to shore because of the presence of large numbers of seals. the seal population around cape cod has been growing in recent years, and seals are a prime prey for sharks. >> when i see the photographs i say, stay out of the water. >> they made the right call. >> officials say watch from the beach if you want but don't go in the water. the cape coast is very much not in the clear. o sharks. >> alan: shu is here with
4:52 pm
sports. >> mike: the u.s. open, and serena williams trying to advance to round 4, had her hands full.
4:53 pm
>> mike: the final major in tennis, the u.s. open, had serena williams front and center. she easily handled her russian
4:54 pm
opponent. set point, the return goes long. 6-4 in the first asset. she defeated serena in january. today serena won 32 of 40 points in which she served. and after a short rally, serena advances. >> cal bears suffered a setback before they return to the rennovated stadium to host nevada. zach maynard was benched for missing a tooth tutorial session and the team suffered. the first game of the season. the move will be questioned but had to be down. cal down 14-0. maynard came back. 37 dwroordz the freshman. 14-7 wolf park. third quarter, the reverse to allen. a textbook blocking and even better running. turns on the speed. 39 yards by allen.
4:55 pm
21-14 never damp cal -- nevada. cal future back. but 31-24 wolfpack. the tickoff, allen tries to lateral but goes to the wolfpack but they were offsides and had to rekick. last chance, maynard to harper. watch this hit. ouch. ball pops out. covered by nevada. they upset the cal bears, 31-24 the final. >> a new era at beaver stadium as penn states faces off against ohio. n.i.t. lions moving the ball early. 14-3 at the half. nittany lionses left this one slip through their hands, literally. smith, grabs the tip ball. and takes it all the way back. 43 yards. ohio on top 17-14. three minutes left. tyler kettle to be finds foster for the score. ohio upsets penn state. >> the giants trying to run away
4:56 pm
from the dodgers in the national league west as they hold off the cubs to take a five-game lead over l.a. who plays this evening. anytime you walk into wrigley field, ledger dear cubs broadcaster harry carey looking right at your, xavier nady, rips a based loaded three rbi triple. 4-0 giants. dejesus, the former a, the only cub to show up. a two-run shot to make it 5-2. in the fifth, watch this. slides into foul territory. a little backhand. check it out. guy is good but not good enough today. tim lincecum, eighth win of the season. 6-1/3, two runs, getting rizzo in the seventh. giants win 5-2, and even the series at five apiece. they play tonight. stay tuned. >> pga staging their fedex cup player. 100 players knocked down to 70 after the testimony bank -- deutsche bank championship.
4:57 pm
tiger on the prowl. nothing but net. after his lowest opening around in three years with 564 -- 64. louis oosthuizen finds himself in second place. one stroke back at 11-under. we're -- they're all chasing this guy. record rory mcilroy. eagle putt on 18. got it. 6-under, 65 for the second day in a row. holds a one-shot lead into sunday. alabama and michigan right deck here on abc-7. stay tuned for james "after the game". >> alan: that does it for us here. thank you for joining us. captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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